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Patent and Trademarks Attorneys focus on International Patent Portfolios and Trademark Registration.

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We practice every major area of IP.

IP Prosecution & Counseling

PROXARIO is characterized for our technical depth, strategic patent, trademark, and copyright counseling and portfolio management, and our experience handling complex licensing and regulatory matters.

Intellectual property Registrations

Patent Portfolio Management

IP License

IP Merger and Acquisition

IP Monetization


We combine a highly professional service with flexibility and global reach: our team of experienced paralegals, engineers and attorneys in-house, set strategies in high-profile litigation and non-contentious matters, to handling the most complex Patents cases to ensure a streamlined process succesfully.

Patent Prosecution

Opinions and Counseling

Opposition and Appeals

Patent Maintenance

Utility Models

Utility models can provide quick and effective protection. We’ll advise whether this might be the right option for you, and help you through the application process. Have in mind that the utility model protection is available in 61 countries only.

Counseling and Strategy

Utility Model Portfolio Registration

Faster Protection

Utility Model Renewal


Our Trademark filing platform, is an innovative, cost-effective and highly-efficient source that allows you to execute your foreign filing flawlessly and significantly reduce the administrative burden, complexity and costs of your foreign filing.

Trademark Counseling & Search

Trademark Prosecution and Renewal

Trademark Litigation

Counterfeiting/Gray Market Goods


PROXARIO will help you with your copyright protection and counseling in the way. We register copyrights, expedite applications, record documents, and perform title searches. We render opinions on copyrightability, fair use, infringement, ownership and title, notice, security interests, and foreign protection.

Copyrights Searches

Global Registration

IP Monetization

PROXARIO can help you to monetize your entire patents and trademarks portfolio to its full potential around the world.

Patent Trading

IP Licensing

IP Enforcement

Patent Pools

Sale & Brokerage

IP Bank

Regions where we operate

Our Approach

Helping clients to expand their global reach through IP Protection

Our goal is to simplify our clients global Intellectual Property needs focusing on developing countries. PROXARIO's world wide experiences allow our clients and associates to secure their IP rights at distance foreign regions in a fast and effective way.

We protect the Intellectual Property assets that define our clients as unique and innovators. We use High standards combined with an excellent service in order to guide our clients with the local legal process throughout the different regions where we operate.

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