Proxario effectively and strategically prosecuting patents, in which we can highlight three main steps to patenting an invention.

First, a search is conducted over many proprietary databases to make sure your invention is original; this search can be local or global:

- The local search is performed to verify in the country you plan to gain patent registration, your invention will not affect or create conflict of the scope of your invention with previously obtained third party patent rights locally.
- A global patent search will draw a picture of the most similar patent related to the patent you intent to register. The results will provide you with the most relates patents already registered and in force, as well, with Science literature that will be similar of your invention. Don't panic!, This will just let you know how to address your patent draft without affecting third rights and defend your right to registration beforehand before you reach substantive examination stage at the patent office.

Second, a detailed patent application description is drafted and filed with the local patent office to establish that your concept is unique, novel, industrially applicable and has inventive level. The application must have in mind not only the invention, but also the legal landscape, prior patent submissions and the inventors commercialization plans. It is important that your patent clearly indentify a problem and provide a innovative solution that is not to be expected.

Third and finally the patent will enter in an pass prosecution process with the local patent office until its approved. The entire process takes years to finalize (approx. 2-4 years), so its important you work with someone experienced in patent services and people you trust who will be committed over the long-term.

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