The Intellectual Property boost the science and enterprise in the world.

Secure your IP Rights with us.

• Proxario practice is exclusively focus on Intellectual Property Rigths using the most advances availables tools in benefits for our clients. Our IP team is one of leading professionals group in the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Eurasia and Africa.

• Our robust solid team of attorneys and agents provide innovative, comprehensive counsel at every stage of IP protection and development, patent prosecution, portfolio counseling, patent litigation, appeals and maintenance, as well as trademark protection, trademark portafolio management and refusals defense and copyright.

• Proxario firm not only files patents, designs, trademarks and copyrights, but also defends them from objections, refusals, oppositions and infrigements. We not only obtain the rights of the intangible property, but we also enforcement them by litigation after granted if those rights are violated.

• Our firm is committed to promoting and protecting innovation and ideas the most important regions of the 21 century, such as; the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Eurasia and Africa. Our IP team is highly skilled at technology analitics, with the experience and issue specific backgrounds to master complex scientific issues.