PROXARIO offers a seamless global trademark filing experience and a wide range of cutting-edge intellectual property (IP) search services.

Our in-house trademark team, supported by an extensive network of specialized trademark attorneys and IP agents, provide powerful solutions to assist with strategic decision-making across the entire IP lifecycle in Dominican Republic, The Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

We strive to make the ordering process as effortless as possible: request accurate filing estimates up front by our website contact page or simply email your orders straight to us and you can file into multiple countries with a single instruction and we will provide you a periodical report updated about the status and development of your cases. Our flexible approach is designed to work with you and the way you work.

We work directly with high quality local agents assuring the jobs is done following all local practice and rules with upstanding knowledge of the IP laws and procedures.

At Proxario, we offer an affordable flat fee trademark registration in Dominican Republic, The Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and Africa. This flat fee provides our clients with a comprehensive trademark search, consultation time with an attorney, and, the preparation and filing of a trademark application. Government fees will vary based on the number of classes, whether your mark is currently in use, and the country or countries to be filed.

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